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David Hoops

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Born in Puebla Mexico, David started his career at the very young age of six years old. With the focus in artistic gymnastics, trampoline and aerobic sports, he successfully placed first in many National Championships.
David is the only Mexican gymnast who won first place in the three gymnastics disciplines.
After 18 years of sports experience, David became attracted to the performing arts. He started a new career in show business using his background skills of gymnastics.
Ballet, contemporary dance and drama, were the first steps into his artistic career. Then the Circus World caught his attention and took him by storm.
On his own, without professional coaching, he spent many hours training and learning new techniques and choreography to become a professional performer.
David built his solo performance acts mixing contortions, dance, acrobatics and balancing. He is one of very few male “Hoops Manipulation” performers in the world and
his solo act has been seen by audiences in many different countries. His wide variety of skills caught the eyes of the casting department of one of the most innovative and awe-inspiring productions to be staged anywhere in the world, created and directed by the world’s greatest show maker Mr. Franco Dragone, “The House of Dancing Water” at the City of Dreams in Macao. He completed a fourteen-month contract performing the house troupe role, which included high dive, acrobatic dance and aerial chandelier with a female partner cradle.

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